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ios developer account:Insight - Banks look forward to gradual recovery

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,Amid the new normal, the banks will remain vigilant and agile in balancing growth with risks.

WHILE looking forward to a better operating environment, banks are prepared for the pace of recovery to be uncertain and uneven.

Amid the new normal, they will remain vigilant and agile in balancing growth with risks.

Many customers have been significantly hurt by the pandemic and will remain in need of financing support from banks.

But business confidence is slowly returning, and there are opportunities for growing and lending again, possibly more so in the second half of 2021.

While Moody’s has upgraded Malaysia’s banking sector from “negative” to “stable” on a better operating environment, banks are not expecting strong growth in the immediate term.

“But we can certainly expect lower provisions in 2021 and better profits too, ’’ said OCBC Bank (M) CEO Datuk Ong Eng Bin.(pic below)

While sharing the optimism expressed by Moody’s, the Public Bank Group remains “cautious and guarded against all possible eventualities, given the evolving nature of the Covid-19 problem, ’’ said CEO Tan Sri Tay Ah Lek. (pic below)The pandemic has hastened the digital innovation and enhancements at the Public Bank Group which is exploring ways to enhance its capability in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

“We are cognisant of changing consumer preferences and likely disruptions to be caused by digital banks, not only here in Malaysia but regionally.

“Digitalisation initiatives will remain one of our key priorities, moving forward, ’’ said Tay (pc below) while noting the risks involved.

Risks include short life cycles of applications arising from the rapid advancement of technology, cybersecurity threats and customers’ readiness to adopt digitally-driven services.

As the Public Bank Group focuses on its organic growth strategy in retail and commercial banking, it will continue to strengthen its resilient business model and cost competencies, including its superior asset quality, efficient cost management and customer service excellence.Tapping on its large customer base, it will intensify cross-selling to provide a wider stream of products and services that suit customers’ needs.

Challenging economic conditions continue to pose asset quality risks to the group which has set aside pre-emptive provisions in anticipation of further impact from the pandemic.

It has been actively engaging both individual and corporate customers who encounter cashflow constraints via flexible repayment packages under its targeted repayment assistance programmes.

CIMB Group will focus on key segments that offer strong opportunities for profitable growth such as wealth management, treasury and markets, transaction banking and Asean network business within wholesale banking.


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    Many customers have been significantly hurt by the pandemic and will remain in need of financing support from banks.很厉害的样子
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